Libby Brittain Joins Branch!

We are beyond excited to announce that Libby Brittain will be joining the Branch team!

As Branch’s Director of Editorial Development, Libby’s primary focus will be developing relationships with all different types of publishers – from writers and bloggers, to journalists and media organizations. She is a sharp, effervescent spirit, and has achieved a keen understanding of the digital media landscape through her work at Hearst Ventures, The New York Times, and To say Libby was our ideal candidate would be an understatement.

While most technology startups seem to be allergic to the word “media,” Branch is excited about embracing it. We are committed to building a way for publishers to nurture quality conversations online. We have no doubt that Libby will be the perfect champion for this cause and a wonderful addition to the Branch team.

Branch is a conversation platform backed by the likes of Evan Williams and Jonah Peretti.

Posted by Josh Miller 2 years ago