Feed and Quick Compose

Two months ago today, we launched Branch. Since then, we’ve watched you use it to talk about the world around you, starting branches about the future of books, your religion, upcoming elections in Mexico and Holland, new TV shows, the best GIFs, and favorite recipes for butternut squash soup — just to name a few.

Our team has done a lot of listening over the last two months, and the most important thing we’ve learned is that you want to talk to each other. You want to be heard. You want to participate. “Stop showing us branches with so many people and postsshow us conversations we can jump into!" We agree. We think our job is to get you joining branches and talking about what you care about with people who care about it, too. Our team has the most fun when we’re participating in branches, not just following along—and it sounds like you do, too.

With this in mind, starting today Branch will look and feel a little different in two ways.

Rather than showing you branches with long conversations and lots of people, by default we’ll show you new ones — branches with great questions or ideas, but with just a few people. Conversations you can jump into. It’s easier than ever to find one you’re interested in, and ask to join. (Featured branches aren’t going away, either — they’ll be just a click away at the top of your feed.)

But to make sure it’s easy to join great branches, it needs to be easy to start great branches, too.

We’ve been blown away by your creativity so far. You’ve used all sorts of photos, videos, articles, GIFs, and tweets to talk to each other, so we wanted to bring those things front and center. We nixed the scary “Compose” button, so now you’ll just pick what you want to talk about — Thoughts, Media, Links or Tweets — and go from there. We also know you’re not always sure exactly who you want to talk to, so we’ll suggest a few people to add to your branches, too.

We hope these changes make talking to each other on Branch even better and easier. Head over to Branch.com to check them out for yourself, or to our design blog, growing.branch.com, for insight into our design process.

Posted by Libby Brittain 1 year ago