Toward a Simpler, Better Branch


Starting today, Branch will look a little different — but this time, we’re not announcing new features or functionality. Instead, we’re excited to tell you we’ve stripped a lot away in service of a simpler, better product and exciting future.

We talk to each other every day. But for all the conversations we have in the real world, we have very few online. Most of us don’t talk here at all — we’re “lurkers” — and those of us who do often talk to each other by trading monologues. Our mission at Branch is to take all the great conversations you have offline, from dinner tables to town halls, and bring them online.

To do this, we’ve created a simple tool: you pick a topic, add people, and talk to each other. That’s Branch at its core. And you’ve used it to talk to each other about everything from paying freelancers and the future of libraries, to the presidential election and your favorite Hanukkah foods.

Over the last few months, we’ve spent time adding features to this simple tool: features like groups, a notification drawer, ask-to-join, and “branching.” But we’ve also spent time listening, and when we did, we heard that while these features make having conversations easier and more delightful, they also make Branch more complicated. And that’s the last thing we wanted to do.

So starting today, you’ll find a simpler

Just like before, you can start a branch, add people to it, and talk to each other. You can also still take your conversation and put it anywhere: embed it on a website, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or link to it in an email. What you won’t find is a complex notification system, groups architecture, ask-to-join process, or a way to “branch” individual posts. (But don’t worry! All your content is safe and sound.)

Our team is proud of all the ways you’ve used Branch to talk to each other so far, and we’re even more excited about what you’ll be able to do next. Most of all, we think you will be, too. Stay tuned!

As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have feedback for us. Send us a tweet @branch or a note at

Posted by Josh Miller 1 year ago